Wondering if you’re doing enough to secure your long-term career and financial success?

Re-ignite Your Ambition is a coaching program for women that will dramatically shortcut the path to a leadership role in the face of a global crisis.


Become a role model for others

You’ll become an example of how to thrive during crisis for the people that you work with.

Find a sponsor to open doors for you

Women have been told for too long to get a mentor and ask for advice. Instead you’ll learn how to find a sponsor who will advocate for you.

Secure your future

Position yourself as a critical member of the new workforce. Solidify a role at your current company while simultaneously preparing yourself for new opportunities.

"I had honestly given up on the possibility of finding my dream job. Andrea encouraged me to leverage relationships in order to create opportunities. I ended up getting an interview at the beginning of the crisis - the company accelerated my application and I started my dream job on March 23."

Natasha Compton
Senior Director, Public Relations

Re-ignite Your Ambition

A coaching program for women that will dramatically shortcut the path to a leadership role in the face of a global crisis. The next cohort starts on October 5, 2020.


Work hard, believe in yourself and get a mentor.

According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap in Canada is 25%. That means, women make less money and are less likely to obtain a leadership position.

‘Existing inequities are further exacerbated by crisis. This is not an equal opportunity pandemic. How we experience it is vastly unequal.' 

- Katherine Scott, Senior Researcher, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


You’re working from home, you’re managing kids, meetings and you’re doing your part to fight this global pandemic.

It might feel impossible or even selfish to think about your career right now.

But here’s what you need to understand. Putting your head down, and focusing on short term tasks isn’t going to lead to job security.

The world has changed significantly and it won’t go back to the way it used to be. You need to embrace this and create a plan to thrive in the new normal. This is your opportunity to step up and do something for yourself, women’s equality and the economy as a whole.

When you're able to see the big picture, when you understand the cultural barriers, you are able to be strategic.

It's less frustrating and you can develop a plan to move forward.

Most leadership training courses don't include the subject of politics, sponsorship and leveraging relationships. These are the things that get you ahead, but nobody really talks about them at work.

You need to take a step back, understand your value and come up with a way to communicate it throughout your organization. You need to find sponsors who can advocate for you so that when decisions are being made you remain top of mind as a critical team member. You need to leverage the system to create your own opportunities.

Hi, I'm Andrea Janzen

Founder of Ambition Theory. I'm a Certified Executive Coach with an MBA. I help my clients to find opportunities, take action and make things happen. I offer a balanced perspective by linking the human side of the business to the bottom line. 


"Andrea's coaching program taught me the importance of building my reputation and leveraging relationships inside my company. Since the crisis hit, I've never had this much exposure to the senior leadership team."

Denise Couture
Project Manager, Construction Industry

Re-Ignite Your Ambition

An 8 week coaching program for women that will dramatically shortcut the path to a leadership role in the face of a global crisis. The next cohort starts on October 5. The structure of the course has been modified to reflect the realities of the global crisis.

Week 1: Ambition

Unpack what drives your ambition. Set goals and start to identify advocates to help you drive your ambition forward.

Week 2: Get out of the Grind

That feeling of never ending to do lists, where there is no time to do anything else, let alone strive for more professionally. You'll set boundaries and develop strategies to help you focus on what really matters. 

Week 3: Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

That voice in your head that says you aren’t ready, you need more experience, your idea isn't good enough. You will design strategies to overcome this so you can tackle opportunities with confidence.

Week 4: Resilience

The ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. The workplace of today means facing challenges every single day. You'll design strategies so that you can recover quickly when setbacks happen. 

Week 5: Sponsorship

You will learn the difference between mentorship and sponsorship. You will start to unpack the idea of politics and you will identify advocates inside and outside of your organization.

Week 6: Understanding the Evidence

Gender equality is a hot topic these days, and there is a lot of information and advice out there. We are going to be looking at academic studies and uncovering insights that you can apply to your career and your organization. 

Week 7: Networking and Personal Branding

Develop practical strategies for networking within your organization and outside of your organization. You will design a plan to leverage relationships so that they can move your career and your organization forward.

Week 8: Acknowledging Progress

Did you know that acknowledging your current success sets you up for even more success? You will develop strategies to continue the momentum that you’ve built during this program.

Evidence Based Articles

Showcasing the latest evidence on gender and leadership. 

Spiral bound workbook

To track your progress. 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

For extra support and accountability. 

Guest Speaker: Dr. Alyson Byrne

Understand what the evidence says about gender and leadership. 

Limited Time Offer: $1,497

The cost or Re-ignite Your Ambition will be going up to $1,997 per person on September 14. Register NOW to get the early bird price. of $997. The next cohort starts on October 5, 2020.

"I completed Andrea’s coaching program in early March. She helped me redefine what I stand for and my position in the market in order to boost my personal brand with the intention to attract a higher-level client. Despite the sudden crisis that hit us mid March, I was able to implement a few new methodologies to my strategy that led to attracting a brand new corporate client. Her direct yet compassionate approach helped me to dig deep into my own value that gave me the courage to reach beyond my comfort zone."

Nicole Gallant
Founder, Smart Cat Marketing

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